This is Size Matters. A project that grew out of the drag racing experience. Bressie racing created several of these mini cars as tow vehicles for their drag car. We kicked it up notch to create this award winner.

About Us at Rim Pro

We are car guys. The inventor and patent holder has been a race fan since he was a kid. He and his brother formed Bressie Racing in 1993 where they competed in the Jr. Drag Racing circuit with there driver Jackie Bressie until the 2000 season.

They built their own cars and cars for other teams. In fact, they ended up building 16 drag cars only 5 for their own team. They introduced independent suspension and numerous other innovations along the way.

The Rim Pro was developed out of necessity. All racers know the showmanship part of racing. Whether you win or not you're gonna look good doing it.

Wholesale Distributor Opportunity

If you are a wheel, tire or tire treatment distributor this handy little device could be the perfect marriage for you. The manufacturing price is low enough there should be no price resistance and it can only help your product look more attractive as an add-on or logo bearing additional skew to your current product line.

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