The Amazing
Rim Pro Wheel Protector

It saves you time it saves you money. Protect your wheels from the over spray of tire treatment chemicals and simply fold it back up, place it in it's protective sleeve and throw it in your glove box until the next time you use it.

Even if you're not a car guy or gal this unique devise will make washing your car a whole lot easier. Now you don't have to wash the wheels twice. Saves extra scrubbing and extra cleaning products.

Available in rim sizes of 13",14", 16", 17", 18" and 20" there is size to fit your wheels. The center grip makes it easy to position and hold while you apply your tire treatment product, whether you are spraying or manually applying it.

If you are in motor sport endeavor you can use the Rim Pro to promote your product. We can manufacture it with your logo or promotional mark for a very low cost. A perfect fit for a tire treatment or wheel manufacturer.

Next time you detail your vehicle, skip the mess and take the pro way out with Rim Pro Wheel Protector.

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